Why join IEEE?

Why do people join professional associations? For many IEEE members, one reason is to connect with others in order to share ideas and obtain new knowledge. The engineers and other technical professionals who belong to our organization also understand that obtaining useful information from our unparalleled collection of intellectual property is essential to creating solutions that improve humankind.

A single length of string is all that is needed to create a string figure, but each part of that figure interconnects with – and depends on – the rest of the string. Found in virtually every culture, string games hone imagination, concentration, perseverance and patience – all important qualities for engineers to possess.

The IEEE is helping members and others in the global technical community to interconnect and interact in myriad new ways. Using many of the technologies our members created, we are introducing products and services that encourage, enlighten and inform.

Like a string figure, the IEEE is the critical interconnection between today’s global community of engineers and technologists and the young people who will continue to advance technology to benefit society.

From continuing education courses and getting certifications, to attending conferences and competitions, you can learn, create and achieve more of what matters in your life and career through IEEE membership. IEEE membership helps support the IEEE mission of promoting the engineering profession for the benefit of humanity and the profession.


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What our mentors say about BEC-IEEE?

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Andan PatilAndan PatilSoftware Engineer Innohabit Technologies Pvt Ltd. (Former Treasurer, BEC-IEEE)
It's always said that "Leaders are made not born".Which suits well with every IEEEians outthere in BEC-IEEE. Students who never stepped on stage, could lead a team of 150+ members incollege and all the way till they lead a team in company is what BEC-IEEE shaped us to.The only platform ...

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Naveen PujarNaveen PujarJr Engineer, KPTCL. (Former Webmaster, BEC-IEEE)
If all the ways I have been along were nodes on a map and joined up with an edge,it might represent BEC-IEEE and the world wants virtuoso person and BEC-IEEE is an ace makerin that field. Dear juniors, don't wait for good things to happen to you,join IEEE and feel ...

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