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What is BEC-IEEE all about?

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Andan PatilAndan PatilSoftware Engineer Innohabit Technologies Pvt Ltd. (Former Treasurer, BEC-IEEE)
It's always said that "Leaders are made not born".Which suits well with every IEEEians outthere in BEC-IEEE. Students who never stepped on stage, could lead a team of 150+ members incollege and all the way till they lead a team in company is what BEC-IEEE shaped us to.The only platform ...

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Naveen PujarNaveen PujarJr Engineer, KPTCL. (Former Webmaster, BEC-IEEE)
If all the ways I have been along were nodes on a map and joined up with an edge,it might represent BEC-IEEE and the world wants virtuoso person and BEC-IEEE is an ace makerin that field. Dear juniors, don't wait for good things to happen to you,join IEEE and feel ...

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