BEC-IEEE has stretched its wings in conducting various technical and social events to foster humanity.














Talk on technical papers2nd Feb,2013Mallikarjun C, Andan Patil, Anirudh P,
Panchmi R, Shubha Hegde, Priyanka P,
Abhishek G H, Shashank Y, Mahammadgous
Mock Campus7th-9th Feb 2013Mr. Mallikarjunayya C,Mr. Andan Patil,
Mr. Anirudh P, Miss Panchami R,
Miss Purnima B., Miss Shubha Hegde,
Miss Priyanka P, Mr. Abhishek G H, Mr. Shashank Y,
Mr. Mahammadgous L, Miss Padma K.
180Dr. D. S. Jangamshetti, Dr. S. H. Jangamshetti ,
Prof. Hanji, Prof. Veerendrakumar,
Prof. R. G. Patil, Dr. G.B. Rudrakshi,
Prof. Ramesh Naik, Prof. Veena Soragavi.
Social event at Rotary Club23rd Feb, 2013Priyanka P, Poornima,
Mallikarjun C ,Andan P ,
Panchami , Shubha
IEEE awareness at JTCE2nd March, 2013Mr. Mallikarjun (Chairman-BEC, IEEE SB)
Workshop on Electromagnetics1st-3rd March, 2013BEC IEEE execoms70Dr. Anand K. Kulkarni (Professor at Emeritus MTU,Houghton,USA)
IEEE awareness at MMEC, Belagum7th March, 2013Mallikarjun, Andangouda
Women's day celebration8th March, 2013Wie team25
Aptitude test15th March, 2013Wie team35Mr. Naveen Chittargi (team mentor)
Abhyantrik16th March, 2013Mallikarjun, Andangouda50
Education awareness at Akshardhama17th March, 2013BEC IEEE execoms30
Industrial visit to ISRO27th March, 2013Mr. Mallikarjun Choukimath,
Ms. Panchami Rudrakshi,
Mr. Andangouda Patil
Gold interface27th April, 2013Anup N T, Aditya Narasingnavar,
Sourabh M, Mohammad Gous, Siddhant,
Padma Kuradgi, Rakhi I, Aishwarya I,
Chaitra M, Vikram M, Kaushal S
85Mr. Ganesh Hiregouder (Senior member EMC2, Bangalore)
Mr. Giridhar Tirumale (EXILANT Tech.Pvt. Ltd, Vice President-Delivery)
Dr. S.H.Jangammshetti (Prof. EEE dept,BEC-BGK)
Mr. Manjunath Iyer (Chairperson-GOLD, Banglore section)
Attended Brach Counselor's meet12th May, 2013SAC team under IEEE Bangalore Section8Smt.Preeta Sharan(SA co-chair)
Mr.Girish Rao(BMSCE, Bangalore)
Prof.N.Vishwanadhan(Comp Sci & Automation, IISc)
Mr.Vishwas Jois(Vicechair, GOLD)
Fun events for seniors18th May, 2013BEC IEEE execoms40
iGreen24th-25th July, 2013BEC IEEE execoms100
Career in defence & civil service workshop22nd August, 2013210Major General(Rtd) K. N. Mirji (VSM) ,
Shri. Shaivayogi Kalsad(Commissioner R&R,UKP),
Captain Arti Rawat
Teacher's day5th Sept, 2013BEC IEEE execoms
Student Leadership Programme21st-22nd Sept, 2013BEC IEEE execoms320
IEEE orientation programme27th Sept,2013Mallikarjun, Andangouda250
C-workshop25th Sept-6th Oct, 2013Wie team45
IEEE day1st Oct, 2013BEC IEEE execoms50
Gandhi-Shastri ji Jayanti2nd Oct, 2013BEC IEEE execoms
Industrial visit to Nokia solutions7th Oct, 2013IEEE banglore section20
Industrial visit to Bharath Electronics ltd.7th Oct, 2013IEEE banglore section25
HTML-CSS workshop9th-10th Nov, 2013BEC IEEE execoms45
NOVUS-1316th-17th Nov, 2013Web designing & development workshop
Solar smart challenge
Poster presentation
Lan gaming
Turtle race
Matlab coding
Bridge building
Tech charades
C mania
Quick survey
Movie making
15 teams
18 teams
5 teams
26 teams
7 teams
30 teams
18 teams
10 teams
Mr. R. S. Hiremath(MD, FLEXITRON, Bangalore)
Leonard(Tech Lead & Business Manager, Migids Software LLP, Bangalore.)
Mr. Nishant( Software Engineer in Migids Software LLP)
Santhosh M Software Engineer (Web Expert), MIGIDS Software LLP),
Dr. Mahabaleshwar (ECE), Dr. Shreedhar, (ECE),
Prof. B. G. Shepparmatti (ECE), Prof A. V. Sutagundar(ECE)
Prayana (BEC IEEE 20yr celebration)26th Jan 2014BEC-IEEE Execoms55Prabhugouda Biradar associative vice –president-
engg, Huawei tech. India Pvt. Ltd.
Talk on “Carrier Opportunities and Higher Studies” By P Biradar associative vice –president-engg ,Huawei tech. India Pvt. Ltd26th Jan 2014BEC-IEEE Execoms55
Visit to energy park26th Jan 2014BEC-IEEE Execoms45
Spectrum Analysis2nd Feb, 2014BEC-IEEE Execoms
Attended Annual General Body Meeting9th Feb, 2014BEC-IEEE Execoms20
Talk on “How to use IEEE account” By Mahammadgous L Vice Chairman BEC IEEE13th Feb, 2014BEC-IEEE Execoms66
Talk on “Resume writing and Case Study” By Dr S.H. Jangamshetti SM IEEE, Prof EEE Dept.15th Feb, 2014BEC-IEEE Execoms58DR.S.H.JANGAMSHETTI SENIOR MEMEMBER
Talk on “ Design, Innovation & Research” By Dr. S. N. Kurbet HOD, Mechanical Dept.3rd March, 2014BEC-IEEE Execoms185
Women's day celebration8th March, 2014BEC-IEEE Execoms48
Student Leadership Programme @BGMIT9th March, 2014BEC-IEEE Execoms60
Spectrum Analysis15th March, 2014BEC-IEEE Execoms42
Talk on presentation Skills
By Shashank Y Chairman, BEC IEEE
15th March, 2014BEC-IEEE Execoms52
Talk on “How to take the best use of engineering life”
By Nivas Ravichandran IEEE INDIA SAC Team
27th March, 2014BEC-IEEE Execoms71Mr. Nivas Ravichandran (Business Development
Executive, Lemma Labs, IIT Madras
MERIT3rd April, 2014BEC-IEEE Execoms90 Prof. S M. Jigajinni (Professor Mechanical
department, BEC)
Talk on “Higher studies in abroad”
By Panchami R Mentor, BEC IEEE
4rt April, 2014BEC-IEEE Execoms60
Spectrum Analysis5th April, 2014BEC-IEEE Execoms38
Talk on Industrial Experience
By Jagsdeedh G BEC IEEE Alumni
5th April, 2014BEC-IEEE Execoms32Mr JAGADISH.G alimnus of BEC
attended Brach Counselor's Meet13th April, 2014BEC-IEEE Execoms12
Panel Academia7th-9th May, 2014BEC-IEEE Execoms90
Fresher's day30th July, 2014BEC-IEEE Execoms
Talk On “ Carrier in Civil Services”
By Mr. Shivanand Kalakeri,IRS.
14th August, 2014BEC-IEEE Execoms163Mr. Shivanand Kalakeri,IRS
Seminar on “Electricals in Multistoried Buildings”
By Mr. Vijaykumar D.
15th August, 2014BEC-IEEE Execoms65
Orientation @BLDES Bijapur19th August, 2014BEC-IEEE Execoms60
Social Awareness Programme24th August, 2014BEC-IEEE Execoms15
Teachers day5th Sept, 2014BEC-IEEE Execoms
BEC Student leadership programme6th-7th Sept 2014BEC-IEEE Execoms208
Spectrum Analysis13th Sept, 2014BEC-IEEE Execoms46
Ghandi & Shastri ji Jayanti2nd Oct, 2014BEC-IEEE Execoms
Attended AISYC 20147th-9th Oct, 2014BEC-IEEE Execoms
Mock Campus15th-17th Oct, 2016BEC-IEEE Execoms120
EweekConsecutive weeksBEC-IEEE Execoms
EweekConsecutive weeksBEC-IEEE Execoms
EweekConsecutive weeksBEC-IEEE Execoms
EweekConsecutive weeksBEC-IEEE Execoms
Group discussionConsecutive weeksBEC-IEEE Execoms
Student leadership congress 20148th-9th Nov, 2014BEC-IEEE Execoms99
NOVUS-148th-9th Nov, 2014Robust
Black Hack
Best out of waste and marketing
Lan gaming
Strarted IEEE-PES sb15th Nov, 2014BEC-IEEE Execoms
Talk on “ Emerging Technological Trends”
By PES members IEEE Bangalore section
15th Nov, 2014BEC-IEEE Execoms30
Moonlight14th Jan 2015BEC-IEEE Execoms
EXECOM MEET22nd Jan 2015BEC-IEEE Execoms30
General body Meeting04th Feb2015BEC-IEEE Execoms80
PhD holders talk on “ Creativity, Innovation
and Research” By Dr. S. N. Kurbet
06th Feb 2015BEC-IEEE Execoms142Dr. S. N. Kurbet
Talk on “Resume writing and Case Study”15th Feb 2015BEC-IEEE Execoms80Dr.S.H.Jangamshetti
Annual General Meeting (AGM)15th Feb 2015BEC-IEEE ExecomsMr. Sudhendra Kaushik(Vice-chairman, IEEE Bangalore Section)
Mr. Puneet Kumar Mishra(Secretary, IEEE Bangalore Section).
Mr. Ramakrishna (R10 Director of IEEE).
Mr. Ravikiran(Chairman,IEEE Bangalore Section)
Cricket Quiz20th Feb 2015BEC-IEEE Execoms52 Prof. G. Kori, Mr. Akshay (national level cricket player)
Orientation at KLEIT, Hubli22nd Feb 2015BEC-IEEE ExecomsProf. Ravi Hosamani (Branch Counselor, KLEIT IEEE SB).
Movie Presentation on “ FABRICATION
13th Mar 2015BEC-IEEE Execoms130Dr .Anand Kulkarni (Professor, Michigan Tech University USA)
Visit to SCADA and Energy LAB13th Mar 2015BEC-IEEE Execoms50Dr .Anand Kulkarni (Professor, Michigan Tech University USA)
Branch Counsellor Meet5thMar 2015BEC-IEEE Execoms
“MERIT”(Manage Expertise Risk Innovate Teamwork)
– An Exclusive event for I year Engineering students.
18th Mar 2015BEC-IEEE Execoms40Prof.Santosh B.Kumbalavati (Professor, Department of
Instrumentation Technology)
Talk on Resume writing and Case study-2
By Dr S.H. Jangamshetti SM IEEE, Prof EEE Dept
25th Mar2015BEC-IEEE Execoms80Dr S.H. Jangamshetti SM IEEE, Prof EEE Dept
Ph. D Holders talk on “ Technical writing for
journals and conference publications” By
Dr S.H. Jangamshetti SM IEEE, Prof EEE Dept
23rd May 2015BEC-IEEE Execoms65Dr S.H. Jangamshetti SM IEEE, Prof EEE Dept
Spectrum Analysis07th Apr 2015Mohammad Sohail S. Patel & Swathi Patil46
A presentation on “How to use IEEE account”
By Md. Gous (former IEEE Vice-chair, BEC-IEEE).
08th Apr 2015BEC-IEEE Execoms66
Road Show-“Hub Expedition”18th April 2015BEC-IEEE ExecomsDr.R.N.Herkal-Principal, BEC, Bagalkot.
Mr. Ravikiran A.-Chairman IEEE Bangalore Section,
Mr. B. N. Pal - Industry Relations Chair IEEE- Bangalore Section,
Mr. Vishwas Jois -Electronics and Communications chair and
web master IEEE Bangalore Section,
Mr. Dhanukumar. P -Client Services/UPP Manager India IEEE,
Mr. Mallikarjun Chaukimath-YPs IEEE Bangalore Section,
Dr.S.H.Jangamshetty-Branch Councillor BEC IEEE and
Mr. Darshan Shivakumar.
“FUN GAMES”–An Exclusive event for the
4th year IEEE student members
22nd Apr 2015BEC-IEEE Execoms
School Awareness Program25th July 2015BEC-IEEE Execoms
Parents Awareness program31st July 2015BEC-IEEE Execoms21
SLP Meets4th , 5th & 7th August 2015BEC-IEEE Execoms65
Student Leadership Programme8th & 9th August 2015BEC-IEEE Execoms
Attended “AISYC”(All India Student Young
professional Congress) Kerala
07,08,09th Aug 2015BEC-IEEE ExecomsDR.Prahlad Vadkkepat, (Associate Prof. NUS, Singapore)
Mr. Deepak Mathur, (Chair, India Council)
Reshma Valliappan, (Artist-Activist) .
Mr. Sachin Warrier, (Playback singer film industry)
Dr. Preeti Bajaj (SAC, India Council)
Mr. Anurag Batra, (Chairman, Business)
Mr. Dhanukumar, (Client Service Manager, IEEE)
Dr. Suresh Nair founder of Innobreeze technologies
Alumni Discussion15th August 2015BEC-IEEE Execoms15
IEEE Orientation20th Aug 2015BEC-IEEE Execoms
Attended “SYWC” (Students Young
professionals and WIE Congress)
28,29,30thAug 2015BEC-IEEE Execoms
Meeting on NOVUS-157th Sept 2015BEC-IEEE Execoms30
Meeting on NOVUS-1511th Sept 2015BEC-IEEE Execoms64
IEEE AP-S R-10 Distinguished Speaker
11th Sept 2015BEC-IEEE ExecomsDr. B. G. Sheeparmatti
Dr. P. Mohan (CUSAT, Cochin) and
Dr. K. .J. Vinoy (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore).
Engineers Day15th Sept 2015BEC-IEEE Execoms42Dr.K.Shridhar Prof ECE dept
Ph.D Holders talk on “Speech Enhancement”
By Dr.K.Shridhar ECE dept
15th Sept 2015BEC-IEEE Execoms42Dr.K.Shridhar Prof ECE dept
Gandhi Jayanti & Lal Bahadhur Shastri Jayanti2nd October 2015BEC-IEEE Execoms
Swatch BEC2nd October 2015BEC-IEEE ExecomsDr.R.N.Herkal principal BEC-Bgk
IEEE Day Celebration2nd October 2015BEC-IEEE Execoms40Dr.S.H.Jangamshetti & Dr.D.S.Jangamshetti
General Body Meet19th October 2015BEC-IEEE Execoms
Alumni Meet30th October 2015BEC-IEEE Execoms12Mr Jagadeesh G. (Former Chairman of BEC-IEEE)
civil engineering on historical perspective14th JanEEE dept & BEC-IEEE68Dr.Bruce E Seely & Dr. Anand Kulkarni (Michigan Tech University, Houghton, MI, USA)
AGM7th FebIEEE bangalore section
NOVUS13th-14th FebScience Made Simple
House 2050
Mock Parliament
Sight @ Height
Circuit Maze
D Amazing Race
IoT Workshop
Chain Reaction
Black Hawk
Snake & Ladder
FPGA BLDC motor drive control workshop26th FebEEE dept & BEC-IEEE72
Moonlight dinner (SDAVAT)29th Feb3rd yrs140Dr.Krupa Rasane (Brach conselor- Jain College of Engg, Belgaum
Exwcom Meet10th MarchShivalingesh Aiholli32Dr S.H. Jangamshetti SM IEEE, Prof EEE Dept
execom meet with Principal10th MarchDr.S.H.Jangamshetti32Dr.R.N.Herkal Principal BEC-Bgk
All about IEEE12th MarchShashank Bennur60
Merit Meet-114th March2nd yrs58
Eweek-115th Marchwie team44
Merit Meet-216th March2nd yrs55
Merit Meet-317th March2nd yrs58
MERIT18th March2nd yrs108Prof.M.M.G Math prof Dept of Mechanical Engineering
Meet with Syhadri College students20th MarchExecoms12
Branch Counselor Meet27th MarchExecoms
Meet on Hands on workshop28th MarchMr.Sohail Patel42
Eweek-229th Marchwie team53
Alumni Meet1st AprilBEC
Potential Presentation3rd April35
Ph.D Talk-1 "Introduction to Robotics"13th april67Dr.Vinay V Kuppasat (dept of Mechanical Engineering)
How to use IEEE account13th aprilShashank Bennur67
Eweek-3 by Deepa S15th Aprilwie team
Spectrum Analysis15th AprilAkshata Kulkarni
BEC-Solar park visit by Wie team6th MayDr.S.H.Jangamshetti30Dr.G.Suchitra, Prof.Sunita T, Prof.B.F.Ronad
Seminar on- Design & development aspects in solar & geothermal power stations16th MayEEE dept & BEC-IEEE70Dr.Shivanand Mareguddi
NKSYW16th mayIEEE GIT & IEEE Bangalore section